Ascension Day Pastoral Prayer 5/28/2017

God of holy times, on this Ascension Sunday we ask

where are you going?

Where are we going?

In-between times are hard for we do not like not knowing, or seeing, or holding onto things that are important to us. 

We miss those who have gone before us, and we envy you getting to have those we love who have died, and we so easily forget that we will know them again.

We hurt one another in our fear of the unknown- where are you? who are we?

We hurt one another in our fear of the unknown...where are you? Who are we? How can it all possibly be redeemed?

In a bombing in Manchester, in a racist and xenophobic stabbing in Portland, in a domestic shooting in Mississippi, in political upheaval and marshal law in the Philippines, in individual and massive tragedies in cities and towns and nations all over the world we mourn, we fear, we rage,  and we search for answers. We search for you.

In the ascension of Jesus we have a story, a heritage- not just of who the person of Jesus Christ is for us, but how we are to be as his people. We are to be wholly where we are, to celebrate joy, to pray, and to be with each other. In doing this we will know the Spirit, we will see our call and live it.

Gods kingdom is and will be ours, it will not be easy, it is not easy, but it will be right. We will give and know forgiveness. 

And so, Loving God, help us to keep this enigmatic way, the way of the ascended Christ. Make us participants in your glory- showing your love, sharing our faith, manifesting your hope- here and now and in all the days to come as witnesses to your presence and The Way. We are yours, you are ours, and in you we can know peace that passes understanding if we only reach for it. We know all of these things because of our brother Jesus who taught us to pray...Our Father...