A Pastoral Prayer for PRIDE and Trinity Sunday

Here is a variation on the prayer I offered yesterday. Its not exactly the same, as I generally do some part extemporaneously and then forget what I have said.


Three-in-one God,

  You are a mystery.

    How can three be one?

       How could God be human?

          How can we reflect your image when we are such a flawed people?

 But you are indeed three- Creator, Christ, Spirit

       Jesus Christ was indeed a man who dwelt with us while also wholly God Yourself

           And we, your flawed people, indeed reflect and are the in-dwelling of your image.

           All of us.


Knowing these mysterious things we come to you in prayer today. Trinity Sunday,  when we remember that God is beyond our understanding and are called to serve God even though we cannot fully understand. 

Be with us in a world of so many broken places, disagreements that make more broken places when we could instead lead to conversation, connections and understanding of the joy of Your diversity in our midst.

Be with all in this week when many of our LGBT+ siblings begin a month of celebrations of the right to love whoever one loves, and the opportunity to live the truth of being embodied just how you created each of us.

Be with us all and help us be better because we know that there are also too many places, and too many of your beloved children, who find nothing but pain, exclusion, fear, violence and death when they try to tell the truth about who you have made them, and the joy of who you have given them to love.


Give us courage Lover God,

To let others tell their truth to us, even when we do not understand it. 

To tell our truths in love even when the world doesn't want to hear them.

To listen for the voice of the Spirit in those we love and those who you alone know and love.

God who is relationship,

     you send us to love...

        you send us to meet and know one another....

            you send us to meet You...

                    allow us love anew today....

                          to see love in each face around us...

                               in this room and in the world.

Give us anew, baptized lovers of God who are beloved of God, your love to share and the mandate to share it with all. Every single one. Those we love, and those we don't know. Those we hold close, and those who we want to silence. Give us the discernment to know when one we love is not safe to be with, and the clarity to protect ourselves in those moments. Give us the Joy of love unbounded when we meet one who loves us well in return for our love. Give us the vision of seeing your Spirit in whoever you put in our path. 

We give you thanks for Jesus Christ, for you Yourself, for the Spirit of Truth. We, those who carry the image of love within us, pray together today the prayer our brother in love and in Spirit Jesus taught those he loved to pray...


Our father...