A Prayer at Christmas

This is a version of a prayer offered at the First Presbyterian Church Orchestra Sunday on December 16, 2018. The song reflects the carols and anthems we sang in worship.

God of song and of hearing,

When we sing that the star “to the earth it gave great light”

Help us to hear you guiding us toward what you want for us. guiding us to what is good and just and true.

When we sing “mighty dread had seized their troubled minds”

  Help us to hear you telling us that fear does not come from you, help us hear the angels assuring us fear is not God’s and that you bring goodness and truth to our world, and we can rejoice in your truth.

When we sing that Christ had “no crib for a bed”

Help us to hear you asking us to be impassioned to make sure that no child is left with out a bed, or shelter, or sustenance. Christ came to us to be one of us, and to show us the ways we are called to make the world better.

When we sing of “tidings of comfort and joy”

Help us to hear you offering us comfort and joy, and asking us to share them with our fellow people everywhere.

When we sing of silent and holy nights

Help us to hear you asking us to remember that not everyone’s Christmas is calm and holy, that many people suffer illness, pain, relational strife or fear in these days, and the privilege of quiet is not available to everyone, and for some it only brings loneliness and sadness. Help us to be agents of your care and community.

When we sing of “peace on Earth and mercy mild”

Help us hear your call to make peace manifest in a world full of war, strife, violence and fear. Help us to be makers of peace and doers of justice.

When we sing of “Jesus now in flesh appearing”

Help us to hear you remind us that Christ came as one of us, God’s presence with us, but also as a vulnerable child so that you might know us better, might show your love all the more, and that we are called to show your presence in our midst.

When we sing Ave Maria

Remind us that our sister Mary was a girl, a normal woman just like us, she is holy and blessed because she said yes when you called in her life. May we offer you our ‘yes’ too.

When we sing gloria in excelsis deo

may we remember that we are always able to offer you praise, may our praise be unending and our gratitude for your gifts in our lives.

We sing, we pray all these things in the name of the one who comes in a manger, and changes us forever, Jesus Christ who taught us to pray

Our father…